All sorts of people work in the industry for all sorts of different reasons. Some people work to fund their way through college or university and see it as a temporary occupation.

What is sex work

Sex work is engaging in consensual sexual activity in exchange for money, goods or other agreed items. Sex workers may engage in penetrative sex, sex on film, oral sex, BDSM  (bondage and discipline/domination and submission, sado-masochism) work, escorting or stripping.

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Staying safe

No amount of money is worth risking your safety. There is specific safety advice depending on how, where and when you are sex working, whether it’s in a brothel, on the street, independently, or in a club.  

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Working in the industry

There are many different ways to work in the adult industry and it is important to ensure you are working in a way that is comfortable and most appropriate for you.

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How to stay legal

The UK legal system around sex work is a minefield and can be confusing. This section aims to explain as clearly as possible how to stay legal when working. We will provide you with information about the law regarding street work, agencies, brothels, pimping and working flats.

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Money, tax and benefits

Sex working means that your income is probably cash in hand, which can make it harder to manage your money. Here is some advice about rates, tax, money and benefits. 

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