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Trans sex workers


This section contains information which may be helpful specifically to trans sex workers. Find out about our clinics and services for the trans community.

What do we mean by trans?

  • People who identify as transsexual, gender queer, gender non-conforming, cross-dressers and other gender-variants.
  • People who may well have a gender identity and/or gender expression differing from the gender assigned at birth.
  • People who identify as female-to-male (FTM) or male-to-female (MTF).
  • People who may choose to alter their bodies hormonally or surgically – or may not.

What you need to think about:


If you are working as a trans sex worker clients may ask questions about your gender, whilst you are not obliged to disclose anything some clients may become threatening if they are unclear.


If you’re taking hormones please be sure that they are prescribed from a doctor or endocrinologist. If you are taking hormones you have bought on the internet, please be very careful. Taking the wrong hormones or drugs that have been tampered with can lead to long-term and very severe health problems, such as liver failure. We know it can be frustrating and costly but taking risks with hormones is very dangerous and should be avoided.


Very sadly, trans people are often more vulnerable to attack by clients and people in general. If you have experienced violence, threats or transphobic discrimination, please give us a call.
Some people involved in sex work who don’t necessarily identify as trans in their everyday lives, offer ‘trans’ services such as cross dressing (usually from male to female), to secure clients. These individuals may not always ‘pass’ well as trans* females and therefore can also be vulnerable while working.   

cliniQ is a friendly and confidential clinic for all trans* people, their partners, friends and family members. For free clinical and emotional advice and support, visit the 2nd Floor at 56 Dean Street on Wednesdays, 5.30-7.00pm.

Please also see our download section to download our Trans* Health Matters booklets.

  • Transmen
  • Transwomen

Helpful links:

SAAFE: support and advice for escorts : independents supporting each other.

UK Network for Sex Worker Projects : Supporting sex work projects, networks and academics to work together, share practice and learning across the UK and advocate to policy makers.

Last review: 25/09/2014

Next review: 25/09/2017