It doesn’t matter where you work, how many hours, or how many clients you may have, it is very important you look after your health and work as safely as possible. Protecting yourself will have a huge impact on your future health and wellbeing.

Sexual health

Having regular check-ups (we advise about every two or three months for sex workers) at your local sexual health clinic or sex worker project will help keep you safer from infections and should become a routine part of your life.

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Safer sex

Sexual health is important to anyone, but as a sex worker it can affect you personally and professionally – if you have a sexually transmitted infection (STI), you might not be able to work.

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Drink and drugs

Some sex workers feel they need alcohol or drugs when they go to work and some clients expect a sex worker to take drugs and/or alcohol with them.We know that in some cases it is easier said than done, but we always advise you to avoid drugs and alcohol when working. 

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Assault and abuse


Abuse is never acceptable, but unfortunately as a sex worker you are statistically more likely to be abused and more vulnerable to attacks. Find out how we can help.

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Ugly mugs

National Ugly Mugs (NUM) is a scheme developed to keep sex workers safer from abuse by sharing accounts or ‘alerts’ of dodgy punters. NUM alerts can be reported confidentially.

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When things go wrong

Sex work, like many jobs, can carry certain risks. Many workers do not experience any trouble, but sometimes rapes, assaults, robberies and arrest by the police can happen. Find out about your rights and how we can help if you are in trouble.

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