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Female sex workers


The following section is advice especially for women working in the sex industry and includes information on contraception and pregnancy.

Please call us to arrange a one-on-one appointment with our specially trained workers to talk about anything – whether it is related to work or not. We can help with finding alternative employment as well as self-esteem and other issues, so give us a call if you need any help with, or clarification about, anything.


Ladies, it is still a fact of life that you are usually expected to be responsible for preventing pregnancy - until that changes please read this section carefully.

If you are engaging in lots of sexual activity then your chances of getting pregnant may increase. Please don’t take any chances and remember prevention is usually less traumatic and difficult than dealing with an unwanted pregnancy. There are many different contraceptive methods available and, as we’re all different, the key is to finding the right method for you. Condoms do protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and pregnancy but accidents can happen and we advise you to protect yourself with an extra form of contraception (such as the Pill or coil), as well as using a condom.

Please give us a call to arrange an appointment to confidentially discuss your contraception options.
Remember all contraception is free and available on the NHS - even if you have an immigration concern.

Feminine hygiene and periods

If you are frequently washing yourself between clients and are experiencing any vaginal discharge, smell or discomfort, you may have bacterial vaginosis (BV). BV is common and frequently occurs when women are washing with gels and soaps. We know it is tempting to use them, but the chemicals in these products can upset the natural PH levels in the vagina and lead to BV. Try to just use warm water to wash yourself or aqueous cream (which we can give to you or you can buy from a pharmacy).
If you work during your period you can collect feminine sponges from us. They work like a tampon but mean that you can have sex even if one is inserted. Please do not use any washing sponges or other materials (such as baby wipes) that are not produced  expressly for the purpose of feminine hygiene – they can lead to infections and other problems!

Last review: 25/09/2014

Next review: 25/09/2017