Assault and abuse


Abuse is never acceptable, but unfortunately as a sex worker you are statistically more likely to be abused. Whether it’s physical, sexual or mental abuse by a client, a partner, or someone you work with, it is absolutely NOT acceptable. Find out how we can help.

As a sex worker you will be meeting many people for the first - and often only - time. Clients and prospective clients know that there is likely to be money on the premises and that sex workers are less likely to report crimes to the police. This makes you much more vulnerable to attack. Please read our Keeping Safe section for ways in which you can try to protect yourself.

Any act you do not agree to is assault. For example, if a client removes a condom before having sex with you this is rape.

We find that sex workers are often less likely to report an incident because they may have an immigration concern or may be unsure of their rights. We can offer free and confidential advice and support, report the incident through National Ugly Mugs and help protect you should you wish to report it to the police.

If anyone (including a boyfriend, colleague or former client) is treating you badly or abusing you, please call us and remember our service is completely confidential - we will only break confidentiality if we believe you will cause harm to yourself or to someone else.

Last review: 25/09/2014

Next review: 25/09/2017